Why do we read?

Reading for me has been a life-long obsession. My very first memory is of crawling on newspaper and looking at the print that rubbed off onto my chubby hands. Obviously I couldn’t actually read then, but hey, words are still my first memory. Fast forward to 2017 and if I’m tired while watching TV I’ll stick the subtitles on – because reading is less draining than listening.

Reading can comfort us or take us out of our comfort zone. A good book can do both. Books have provided me with a sense of home, community and cheering crowd. We can look at our shelves and choose to visit a safe place, or, have a rip-roaring adventure. These pages are windows into other worlds or mirrors on our own.

Books widen our horizons. We can travel – through the world, through history. Reading is a method of pathfinding. Who will I be? Where should I go?

And it’s fun. Oh so fun. We can be romantics, thrill-seekers, crime-fighters, dreamers, all by turning the page. You can scare yourself silly, cry your heart out or laugh your head off from the comfort of your reading corner, whether that be your bed, your sofa, your tube seat.

I guess the answer is: Reading makes life better.

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